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services by VitaCord

• Many years of experience

The VitaCord experts have many years of experience – more than 25 years – in the field of stem cell transplantation.
Dr. Reinhard Ruckser (currently working at the Donauspital in Vienna) and Dr. Franz Beer (many years of hospital experience in the Donauspital in Vienna) are intensely involved in the processing, storage, quality control and application possibilities of stem cells.

• Guaranteed long-term storage

VitaCord guarantees the long-term storage of your child’s stem cells in Austria.
Your child’s deep-frozen cord blood is preserved with absolute security in specially protected high-security rooms.

• Guaranteed diligence

VitaCord guarantees the greatest possible diligence in every respect.
All samples of cord blood are registered individually and provided with an identification number. For each child, whose stem cells are deep-frozen, VitaCord provides an individual certificate comprising identification number and all relevant data.

• Officially approved

VitaCord holds the official approval from AGES.
This approval in accordance with the tissue safety act forms the statutory foundation for the officially approved handling of stem cells and guarantees the regulatory reviewed correctitude of all processing steps. Companies, which do not hold this authorisation, are defacto not entitled to undertake umbilical cord blood collection and storage in Austria.

• Co-operations

Numerous cooperation agreements exist between renowned hospitals and VitaCord.

• Individuality

Parents have the possibility to store umbilical cord stem cells individually at VitaCord
This is a so-called autologous donation that, in the event of illness, primarily goes to the benefit of the child or - in exceptional cases – to genetically similar relatives, such as their siblings or parents. The child is guaranteed to receive their own stem cells, and is not dependent upon those of a possible third-party donor.

At VitaCord, the umbilical cord stem cells are stored professionally and not used for the research purposes.

For further information, you also have the possibility of contacting us directly.
We are also happy to be personally at your service!