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Extraction procedure

The cord blood is extracted directly after the birth of the child. Once the umbilical cord has been clamped, some 50 – 120 ml of blood is thereby obtained from the umbilical vein. This procedure is completely painless for mother and child and lasts for less than five minutes.

Following the in-line procedure, which guarantees complete protection against possible external influences and impurities, the blood is treated once more. It is taken as quickly as possible to the VitaCord-laboratory in Mauerbach near Vienna, where it undergoes the prescribed examinations and processing steps directly after arrival.

The level of umbilical cord stem cells in the blood is analysed, followed by a precise examination for possible contamination. The umbilical cord stem cells are separated from other blood components and deep-frozen in a highly concentrated form. The freezing takes place in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees.

Depending upon the quantity, the stem cells are stored in one or several portions so that several possibilities for application are upheld.