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5 steps to stem cell provision

1. contact

You can reach us by telephone, fax, post or email. We will send you a contract form on request. Our institute managers are available at all times for additional information.
fon.: +43 664 405 41 73
fax: +43 1 774 74 76 81
post: Vitacord GmbH, Hauptstraße 228, AT - 3001 Mauerbach
or use our contact form

2. contract

VitaCord is happy to send you the contract for closer inspection. You may also download the form here and print it out.
The completed contract is to be signed and then returned to us by post, fax or e-mail.

3. birth & cord blood extraction

Once the contract has been concluded, the parents-to-be will be sent a complete collection kit inc. transport box through the post. The kit contains everything that you need. Please simply give advance notice of the planned cord blood extraction to the hospital in which you are due to give birth. Directly after the birth, the blood extraction will then be carried out by the midwife (obstetrician) present. VitaCord has given the midwife special training on the procedure. Blood extraction is also required from the mother for the purpose of serological tests.

4. transport

A transport service is responsible for the collection and smooth forwarding of the cord blood to the VitaCord institute laboratory. The hospital personnel will inform the transport service via the telephone number detailed in the collection kit

5. storage

The separation of the umbilical cord stem cells from other blood components, and the long-term storage in liquid nitrogen, takes place in the institute. Furthermore, a certificate containing all relevant data is then issued for the mother and child. This document will be sent to you automatically by VitaCord. The medical application of stem cells is subsequently possible in the event of corresponding medical indications.