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VitaCord Guarantees

VitaCord guarantees the utmost care in every respect.

VitaCord holds official authorisation from AGES.

VitaCord has concluded official cooperation agreements with numerous Austrian hospitals and clinics. This facilitates the smooth extraction of cord blood in many Austrian and international hospitals.

VitaCord offers 100-percent "in-line processing". In other words, as soon as the blood has been extracted from the umbilical cord it has no further contact with the environment. This procedure provides maximum security against contamination.

VitaCord guarantees you the long-term storage of your child’s stem cells in Austria. The preparations are preserved in specially protected high-security rooms.

VitaCord issues a certificate - containing identification number and all other relevant details - for every child, whose stem cells have been cryopreserved.

VitaCord guarantees a well-respected alternative storage facility (as is also the statutory requirement).

VitaCord is self-financed and not dependent upon outside capital.